cadeia alimentar 1

micha peled sobre o seu filme 'china blue'
It’s a food chain not unlike The Jungle - and it’s created by the people at the top: the international retailers. They drive the whole system. They go to factory owners and say “we want you to provide us with this product at this price, and if you can’t do it at this price and at this speed, we are simply going to go somewhere else. In the town where the film was shot, there are over 70 factories that specialize in denim. They’re all eager to get those orders. If Mr. Lam, the factory owner in my film, said “I’m sorry, it’s going to cost me at least $6 to make the jeans because I need to pay them the legal minimum wage and overtime compensation.” They would just say “Sorry, the factory down the street from you is willing to do it for four dollars.” So they are the ones driving the system and the rest of the world just has to survive. Obviously the weakest ones are the workers themselves. They are so poor that they’re desperate to take any job and they don’t have any options at all, they just have to somehow survive in this very inhuman system.

A birds-eye view into a factory room with workers sitting at tables watched by man in a black suit

Factory workers, mostly young girls, including Jasmine, hunch over giant piles of blue jeans at long tables, cutting scraps and inspecting the materials


A Chinese girl wearing jeans a red shirt walks down a dirt road holding a small bag and a plastic bucket