homenagem a tsai mingliang

foto tirada recentemente em estocolmo por amigo recém
chegado às chinesices que pretende manter o anonimato.


viktig, nyckel

nyckel, lösning, klaff, facit, teckenförklaring, tonart, ton [mus.], tangent [mus.], klav, färgton, vingfrukt [bot.]


anpassa, stämma

English Thesaurus: key


Chief, Pivotal,Very important; essential


Specially shaped piece of metal used to open or close a lock, Instrument for grasping bolts and nuts, Instrument for winding a clock or other mechanism, Finger-operated button or lever, Device used to open or close an electric circuit, Essential part, Means of access, control or advance, Small piece of wood inserted in one or both parts of a joint to align it and hold it firmly together, Slot formed into a concrete surface for the purpose of interlocking with a subsequent pour of concrete, Center stone or brick of an arch, Set of musical notes with a particular base note, Principal tonality of a composition, Pitch of a voice or other sound, Tone or style of thought or expression, Degree of intensity, Explanation of signs and symbols; legend, System or pattern used to decode or decipher a cryptogram, Printed answers to a test, Small flat island, Winged fruit; samara


Use a key, Provide with a key, Lock with a key, Fasten, Regulate or adjust, Coordinate, Link or align, Mark with symbols, Enter data by means of a keyboard, Roughen a surface